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If you can add to this genealogy, please let Dennis know.

The Spanogle family came originally from Pennsylvania migrating to Deepwell Nebraska sometime before the 1880 census..  Our great grandfather Andrew J Spanogle and his wife Sarah Catharine Stover had at least three sons Herman, Marshall and Clyde. Our Great Uncle Mark lived in Bridgeport Nebraska and was in the banking business. Herman (our grandfather) lived in Nebraska, Nevada (Searchlight), California and Hot Springs, NM (TorC). He was a 'miner of ores', an auto mechanic and machinist. He met our Grandmother Blanche in Searchlight Nevada where he owned the 'Good Enough" gold mine. Herman and Blanche moved to California where our farther Mark Spanogle was born, then to Hot Springs NM. Our Mother Ruby Bixby Spanogle, was the daughter of George F. and Anna Bixby - who were married in Roswell NM and moved to Hot Springs in 1918 or so.

Here is some names from the family:

Mark ? Spanogle and Gertrude    Bridgeport Nebraska (Grandfather's cousin our uncle??)

Andrew J. Spanogle and Sarah Catharine Stover -Our Great Grandparents - Both born in Pennsylvania moved to Nebraska

 - Clyde  Spanogle  and Helen B. Spanogle  (Another son of Great Grandfather - lived in Bridgeport also.)
      He worked at a bank with Mark as an clerk

 - Marshall Spanogle  (died in 1892)

 - Herman Emmert Spanogle  and Blanche R. or A.or B. or E.? (our Grandfather and Grandmother) 
       They both passed away in Hot Springs, NM

     * Charles "Bill" Walter and  Norma ?? California (deceased)
          Blanche's son by a previous marriage
          no children

     * Nelle Walter Holmes  Utah (deceased)
          Blanche's daughter by a previous marriage
          ^ John F and Dody Holmes   (Arizona, Washington)

     * Gretchen S. Spanogle Daughtery   (TorC New Mexico) (deceased in Grant County, NM)
          no children

     * Mark Emmert Spanogle and Ruby Iva Bixby (Dad and Mom -both deceased)  - TorC NM

          ^ Dale Nolan Spanogle and Pat  Lasalle    Alaska
                Wendy Spanogle (deceased)
                Pamala Spanogle (deceased(

          ^ Dennis Emmert Spanogle and Vicki Ellen Roehm   New Mexico
                 Bonnie Elaine Spanogle   Texas
                 Daniel Emmert Spanogle  New Mexico

          ^ Bernard Charles Spanogle and Edie Saxton   Wyoming
                 Michael Mark Spanogle  Wyoming

          ^ John Mark Spanogle Texas
                 no children

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