Blanche was the daughter of Frances (Fanny) Barber, Billings, Pfeiffer, McCray.  Here is a first cut of what we know about that family.

Frances Barber married Ted? Billings we think that was in Nebraska. That marriage produced a daughter (others?) Blanche.  We know that Blanche (and perhaps Frances) lived in Nebraska at some time.  Some evidence indicates Frances married Charles Pfeiffer in 1893.  Frances (Fanny B.) was divorced from Charles PFeiffer on April 30, 1907 in Colorado. We also have indications that Frances lived in Cripple Creek Colorado and had a boarding house there.  We referred to Frances as grandmother McCrea - her last married name. She was married to Herbert McCrea according the the 1910 Nevada census. That marriage occured around 1907 and lasted three years. She had no children that we know of from the marriage to Pfeiffer or McCrae. There are family stories that she was a tough and in dependant woman - even rumors that she was a madam in a house of ... well that is a rumor.  One story we heard a lot was about the time she say a man beating his horses with a whip.  She took the whip from him and proceeded to beat him.  Evidently, Fanny was an animal rights activist. We have more accurate accounts and stories buried somewhere and perhaps someday this will be updated and made more accurate. Frances died in Los Angeles (or near there) California.

Blanche (Pfeiffer) married Albert Walter (date?) in California but they later divorced. Blance was underaged and had to have her mother's permission.   Witnesses to the marriage were F.W. (an uncle?) and Christine Barber. They had two childeren. After the divorce, their son, Charles "Bill" Walter stayed with Mr. Walter's parents (we think) and Frances and daughter Nelle moved to Searchlight Nevada either with, or to stay with her mother Frances. Francis was involved in the mail service from Las Vegas to Searchlight and it is our understanding that she was the first woman to drive that route in a vehicle.  It was there that Blanche saw a little roley poley miner coming down a hill and had the feeling that she would marry that man.  The miner was Herman Emmert Spanogle.  He was in Searchlight and has established the only mine that had water - the "Good Enough"

Blanche and Herman were married and later moved to Corona California.  Our father, Mark  Emmert and his sister Gretchen were born in Corona, California where Herman had a garage. He repaired cars and did other machine work.  He did work for Barney Oldfield's race cars according to stories Dad tells.  In (date) for reasons we do not know, Herman and Blanche gathered up Mark and Gretchen and headed back toward Nebraska.  We understand the stopped in Hot Springs and for some reason, Herman decided to start a machine shop there.  It was there that Mark met Ruby Bixby.  Walla - four sons.